Snail of Approval: Twinn Bridges Farm

Twinn Bridges Farm is providing locally grown seasonal food that is pesticide free and being farmed sustainably. Chefs from restaurants in the Jacksonville area call Twinn Bridges Farm each night to leave their orders for cucumbers, squash, lettuces, heirloom tomatoes, herbs, melons, and other items of each season that will appear on the restaurants’ menus as soon as the next day. Before dawn, the people at Twinn Bridges are picking what the restaurants have ordered and each morning Monday through Friday, they are bringing produce east to their customers on Interstate 10. This fresh produce will be on menus and served in restaurants in time for lunch or dinner. To combat bugs, there is a hungry “follow you everywhere” chicken named Lucy who is an essential working mascot on the farm. Lucy is accompanied by bug eating Guinea hens and sharp-eyed martins who live in birdhouses tactically placed on the property. Scott Francis powers his delivery van by converting the cooking oils from restaurants he serves into fuel. A byproduct of this conversion of cooking oils to biofuels is used to make soap for sale by the farm. The farm also supplies eggs from 150 happy laying hens in a recently constructed spacious chicken house complete with a screened in yard. An extensive  chefs catalog helps sustain this special farm and its workers. The farm delivers to about 35 restaurants on Monday through Friday and spends Saturdays from 2 until 5PM at the Neptune Beach Farmer’s market bringing vegetables and plants for sale to home chefs and gardeners. Visit the farm and the chickens via camcorder ( Twinn Bridges Farm is located in Macclenny FL. Selling at Beaches Green Market Jarboe Park, on A1A , Neptune Beach, FL

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