SNAIL OF APPROVAL: Produce Barn and Grove, LLC

Wayde Alford’s substantial grove of citrus trees sits off Highway 17 south hidden from view. Wayde has been around farms all his life being from several generations of farmers who have farmed in the Putnam County area since before the 1900’s. Farming is in his blood. Recently, he decided to get back to the earth and opened up a farm stand. He and his partner, Marc Hall, began the stand on the weekends just for the fun of it. They found that they have enjoyed the venture much more than they ever imagined. Now they have incorporated their business, the Produce Barn and Grove, LLC with Wayde in charge of the citrus and Marc handling the vegetables. Beans, corn, zucchini, onions, peppers, heirloom tomatoes and more are grown in a garden on the same property. The stand is open Fridays – Sundays (or contact them by email or phone).

Wayde has hundreds of trees: Satsuma, Red and White Navels, Blood Oranges, Hamlins, Valencias and Red and White Grapefruit and a few Dancy tangerines, all pollinated by bees that are kept on the property. He uses a drip system to water which is a key component of his environmental stewardship of the land. He does not use any systemic pest control products and follows the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) recommendations for treating his plants. ORMI has developed a long list of approved organic products for use in the USA which growers can access on the web.

During the season, fall and winter, Wayde and Marc bring their produce to area farmers markets. The Produce Barn is a part in the Farm to School program. Look for Wayde’s Blood Oranges just in time for Christmas.

Contact: 3816 US 17 South
Pomona Park, FL 32181

Hours: Farm stand (Best to Call) Fri, Sat, Sun,

Saturdays at the St Augustine Amphitheater (in the fall)


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