Snail of Approval: Native Plant Consulting & Native Gardens Nursery

Located under the oaks in this Elkton neighborhood, Native Gardens Nursery contains the plants, shrubs, and trees for Renee Stambaugh’s consulting business- Native Plant Consulting.  The goal of Renee’s work is to educate the public and to create beautiful, low-maintenance Florida landscapes, reduce water consumption and prevent chemical pesticide usage.

This is a full service company provides design, installation, educational information, and recommendations with service tailored to the individual needs of her customers.   Renee is interested in creating the landscape that fits your environment, vision, and lifestyle, as well as, providing a plan that thrives with minimal maintenance and returns maximum benefit to her customers and to the environment.  Pest resistance, drought and heat tolerance, soil, salt, and sun are just some of the considerations that Renee incorporates into her planning process.  She uses ornamentals and edibles in her designs.

Renee is a current member and past President of the Native Plant Society/Sea Oats Chapter, a Master Gardner, and a Florida Butterfly Monitor.  She performs an active role in educating the public through various community programs and provides Native Plant Classes at the St. Johns County Windstorm Training Center on a monthly basis.  The Native Garden s Nursery is open by appointment and on specific dates monthly.  Go to for the most up to date information on hours and programs.

Contact:         Renee Stambaugh, Owner

Phone:           904-692-3927



Hours:            Check the website

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