Snail of Approval: Eat Your Yard Jax

Tim Armstrong has combined his nursery expertise and sustainable growing practices to provide the proper plants and technical assistance for helping people grow their own edible landscapes.

He will consult with individuals, businesses or schools to incorporate attractive food producing trees, herbs and shrubs into their environment.  Tim either grows or finds regionally-grown specimens that have been found to be successful in our southeastern climate.  Just a few examples are blueberries, raspberries, olives, figs, teas, ginger, edible hibiscus, and fruit trees.  Hungry now?

His nursery incorporates organic principles such as composting, vermiculture, rainwater reclamation and its own chicken-produced manure.  An important element of waste wood reclamation includes mushroom production, so Tim teaches workshops on shiitake and oyster mushroom growing, also.

Tim actively participates in the Commercial Urban Agriculture Program at Growing Power, Inc. and in Farm to School.  He is a distributor of High Mowing Organic Seeds and Neptune’s Harvest soil amendments to help get those gardens growing.

Everything Eat Your Yard Jax is about surrounds the concept of demonstrating the abilities needed to provide high quality, healthy food systems for ourselves in an ecologically sound and affordable manner.


Tim Armstrong


Nursery items available for sale at:
Jarboe Park Farmers’ Market
1166 3rd St North
Atlantic Beach
Saturdays 2-6pm


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