City Sprout is a nonprofit organization working to create a network of community gardens throughout the neighborhoods of St. Augustine.  It is the umbrella organization under which the neighborhood gardens are managed.  City Sprout fundraises, enlists sponsors, solicits material, service and cash donations, and coordinates the construction and design crews.  Many talented individuals have contributed to make this a truly communal project.

The Lincolnville Community Garden has been their first success, serving as the model garden with approximately 70 raised beds.  Garden members donate $25 towards garden maintenance for six months.  This beautiful and well-kept space also has a public citrus grove, a bed of medicinal herbs, and several boxes planted for community food needs.  Its design also includes a recreational and educational area for events and meetings.

City Sprout is the brainchild of Cash McVay, who established the program’s primary goal for “gardening to become an integral component of each neighborhood by offering an activity that increases social interaction.  The gardens will also create awareness that producing food locally is an effective energy conservation program, as well as a vital component to enhance our community’s sustainability.”

Be the seed.

Sprout a garden.


City Sprout
P.O. Box 1836
St. Augustine, FL  32085


Lincolnville Community Garden
Eddie Vickers Park
399 Riberia St.
St. Augustine, FL


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