SFFC Snail of Approval: Pie Heaven

Pie Heaven Bakery Café is the vision of owner, master pie baker, Anita Hyde. Some of you may remember her earliest cottage business “Mrs. Hyde’s Heavenly Pies” if you ordered her original organic pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving time. As her customer-base grew she moved into the little blue cottage on Atlantic Boulevard, where she resides today. Here folks can settle in and enjoy her pies or take them away to share with friends and family.

Anita and Linda, the store manager/baker extraordinaire bake at least five types of sweet and savory handmade pies each day-a fruit, meat, custard, quiche, and gluten-free/sugar-free. The signature crust recipes are based on the finest ingredients Anita can source and result in the flakiest fork tender crusts. She prides herself on knowing all the ingredients that go into her pantry items and never using hydrogenated oils. Flours, chicken and pumpkin are organic. Anita does all her own shopping at the local farmers market sourcing seasonal vegetables, berries, and pecans. She and her manager have reached out to friends nearby to harvest citrus from backyards throughout their local community, especially Meyer lemons and oranges. With their commitment to quality ingredients and handmade from scratch philosophy, the old saying really rings true here-You get what you pay for—Pie Heaven.

1980 Mayport Road
Atlantic Beach, Fl 32233


Call for hours and orders

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