SFFC Snail of Approval: My Grandmother’s Pie (MGP)

Freshly made, hand crafted, locally sources, and seasonal are just some of the adjectives tasters use to describe Allison D’Aruizio’s special homemade delights. What began as a family request and special order pie delivery operation has grown into a community of loyal followers and new converts placing orders and lining up at the farmers market stand to buy these …Read More

SFFC Snail of Approval: The Kookaburra

Two popular Aussie-American coffee shops, found in St. Augustine, are supporting local products and making their mark on the espresso bar/coffee house scene. The Kookaburra on Cathedral Place and the new location at 1835 US- 1 South are serving locally roasted small farm single origin coffees and teas, along with wine and many Snail of Approval local craft beers. …Read More