SFFC Snail of Approval: Dog Day Gardens

Dog Day Gardens, a nursery, garden, composting business, and educational resource, has its home in a quiet neighborhood in St. Augustine. The gardens provide the area with heirloom vegetable seedlings, finished compost and worm castings, garden installation services,and specialty produce, using clean and sustainable practices. Shelby Stec and Skyler Dixon have devoted their property organic …Read More

SFFC Snail of Approval: Guerrilla Growery

Located on Anastasia Island, just south of the Amphitheater, you will find Guerrilla Growery, an urban farm run by two ambitious farmers, Chance Ryan and Kayla Cox.  Their location boasts spectacular views of the intercostal and estuary along the Matanzas River.  These adjacent waters help to prolong the growing season by providing warmth in our …Read More